CITI is a R&D company involved in high-tech solutions in fields of Real-Time Embedded Systems including, hardware and software development together with SoC and FPGA design. The company offers both, professional services and in-house systems.
Digital signal processing
Rapid FPGA design
Inertial Navigation
Digital Communications

About us

At the Forefront of Innovations

CITI is privately owned company, founded in 1992. At the first, the company was specialized in power peak load optimization and regulation in industrial facilities. In the following years, the company came with the design of modern digital Energy Meter. The Energy Meters of different types and complexity leaded to fact that 500.000 devices are sold and used all over the former Yugoslav republics. Furthermore, support for remote reading and controlling the meters was designed. All the devices from the production are developed only by company’s efforts. Since late 2000s the company has started changing the scope of affair.

The new market demands forced the reorganization of the company and catching up with the new technologies. The company moved towards Embedded Systems design and custom Electronics design, for customers all around the globe. From that period, numerous projects have been initiated. The project were related to Inertial and Navigation Platforms, Software Defined Radio, Data Telemeters, Signal and Image Processing etc. Some of the projects have already been successfull finished and new projects are started. Nowadays, the main business focus is on custom hardware development, firmware, low level software and advanced Digital Signal and Image Processing.

Digital Signals


Together, we shape the future

Through years of experience the company gained vast knowledge and proficiency in many field, as a result, the company matured to an ideal partner for R&D services. Usage of modern tools and state-of-art technologies, assure efficiencies and cost saving development procedure. The company’s experts can answer any assignments, from system to low-level design, including SW and HW solutions. Furthermore, the company team has tremendous knowledge in Signal and Image Processing thus providing services in algorithm implementations and optimization.

Additionally, the company successfully finished several projects involving Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital Communications. Inertial Navigation is one of the fields that has been studied and dealt with for a long time. This includes developing and implementing numerous algorithms together with developing hardware for it. At the same time, the company owns a SMT assembling line for all types of the electronic components. Thus, mid and big scale production are possible and are quite efficient with the company.

Algorithm implementations
SMT assembling line


Experience, Accuracy & Efficiency

At the early 90s the company came with the modern digital energy meter. From that point, the products were upgraded and modernized constantly including introducing new technologies and techniques. The regional market instantaneously recognized the quality and reliability of the products resulting more than 500 000 products to be sold and still on grid. Together with meters the company introduce the Remote Reading and Controlling system allowing full control over the meter from the remote place.

Digital Single Phase Energy Meter
Digital Single Phase Multifunction Energy Meter
Digital Three Phase Energy Meter
Digital Three Phase Multifunctional Energy Meter
Digital Three Phase Multifunctional Transformer Coupling Energy Meter
Digital Switch Clock
Digital Ripple Control Receiver
Reference Meters

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Let’s innovate together. Join us!

The R&D division is constantly looking for motivated and talented Engineers with/without experience to join the team. The daily activities are researching and learning about the project topics along with implementing algorithms. Among other, the implementations implies writing software for microprocessors, DSPs and FPGAs.

The desirable skills and knowledge of the ideal candidates are:

  • having (or pursuing) BS/MS of EE
  • knowledge of C/C++
  • knowledge of VHDL
  • knowledge of digital electronics and Embedded Systems
  • knowledge of JAVA (for GUIs)
  • motivation to investigate and learn new things

If interested, please contact us for opportunities!


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